3K Plain Matte or Glossy Carbon Fiber Tubes 26mm 27mm 28mm 29mm 30mm

Product detail: Tube OD: from 6mm to 60mm wall thick: 1mm, can be customize Woven: 3K plain/3K twill Polish: glossy /matte Technology: hot roll wrap tolerance:-/+ 0.1mm hotsales size (in stock) "made-to-order" is available.Please contact us for more information. For roll wrapped tubes,...

Product Details

Tube OD: 26mm 27mm 28mm 29mm 30mm
Out diameter*Inner diameter  26*24/ 26*23/ 27*25 / 28*26 /28*25 /29*25  /30*28/ 30*27
wall thick: 1mm, can be customized 
Woven: 3K plain/3K twill 
Polish: glossy /matte 
Technology: hot roll wrap
tolerance:-/+ 0.1mm 

Features and Application:
 . light,high strength, wearable
 . very low CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion)
 . heat resistance and corrosion resistance
. widely used in aviation, space flight, automobile, toy, kite, pens, handicraft, tent, windmill,
. umbrella,Paddle, handle,shovel,telescopic pipe, tool rod , instruments ,robot each kind of sports equipment and so on

Hot-sell size (in stock)



6mm *4mm *1000mm

16mm *14mm *1000mm

7mm *5mm *1000mm

17mm *15mm *1000mm

8mm *6mm *1000mm

18mm  *16mm *1000mm

10mm *8mm *1000mm

20mm *18mm *1000mm

12mm *10mm *1000mm

22mm*20mm *1000mm

14mm *12mm *1000mm

25mm*23mm *1000mm

15mm *13mm *1000mm

30mm*28mm *1000mm

"made-to-order" is available. You can check the mould  list for the inner diameter .  Please contact  us for more information.

Shipping Method: by sea/air DHL/EMS//UPS/TNT

Payment terms: T/T bank transfer, Western union, Paypal

Established in 2003, Furuitai is now well-known as one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of 3k plain matte or glossy carbon fiber tubes 26mm 27mm 28mm 29mm 30mm in China. With the aid of advanced technology and equipment, our factory can offer you quality and reasonable price carbon fiber products made in China and timely delivery.