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Physical Properties Of Carbon Fiber

Oct 27, 2016

Carbon fiber is a new material with excellent mechanical properties. Carbon fiber tensile strength of about 2 per cent to 7GPa, modulus of about 200 to 700GPa. Density of about 1.5 to 2.0 grams per cubic centimeter, this in addition to the original structure, but depends on the carbonization temperature. Over general graphitization temperature 3,000 ℃, density of up to 2.0 grams per cubic metre per annum. Plus it is very light in weight, it's lighter than aluminum and less than 1/4 of steel, iron strength is 20 times. The thermal expansion coefficient of carbon fiber and other fiber is different, it has anisotropic characteristics. Specific heat capacity of carbon fiber to 7.12. Decrease with increasing temperature, and thermal conductivity parallel to the fiber direction is negative (0.72 to 0.90), and perpendicular to the fiber direction is positive (32 to 22). The resistivity of carbon fiber with the fiber type, at 25 ℃, high modulus to 775, high-strength carbon fibers for each cm in 1500. Which makes carbon fibers in all high-performance fibers have the highest specific strength and modulus.