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Pitch-based carbon fiber

Oct 27, 2016

United States invention has textile asphalt base carbon fiber with of contains Fund is middle phase asphalt, original silk by stable of and carbide Hou, carbon fiber of stretch strength for 3.5G PA, die volume for 252G PA; France development has heat and high conductive of middle phase asphalt base carbon fiber; Poland development has new metal coated covered carbon fiber of method, for example coated covered copper of asphalt base carbon fiber is with mixed legal into, first with copper salt and isotropic coal asphalt mixed uniform, for centrifugal spinning, in air in the stable of and in high temperature hydrogen in the processing, Get the copper alloy carbon fiber. World of pitch-based carbon fiber production capacity is small, home of pitch-based carbon fiber research and development early in the development, production and application, compared with foreign countries there is a large gap.