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Carbon fiber air and space

Oct 27, 2016

Carbon fibers are rockets, satellites, missiles, fighter aircraft and ships and other sophisticated weapons and equipment essential to the strategic base materials. Application of carbon fiber composites in the strategic missile airframe and engine on the shell, can greatly reduce weight, improve the range of missiles and assault capabilities, such as the United States 80 intercontinental ballistic missile developed by three shells are all carbon fiber and epoxy resin composite. Carbon fiber composites also began to be used on the next-generation fighter jet, such as the United States were fourth-generation fighter, the F22 is approximately 24% carbon fiber composite material, thus enabling the fighter with a hypersonic cruise, beyond visual range combat, high maneuverability and stealth characteristics. United States Boeing launched new high-speed wide-body airliner of the Sonic Cruiser, parts will be about 60% structure is made of reinforced carbon fiber plastic composites, including wings.